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Kanalizasiya Sularının təmizlənməsi üçün aşağı səs-küylü Hz seriyalı fırlanan üfleyici

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Məhsul təsviri

HZ blower rotates eccentrically by the rotor offset in the cylinder, and changes the volume between the blades in the rotor groove to suck, compress and spit out the air. In operation, the pressure difference of the blower is used to automatically send the lubricating oil to the drip nozzle and drip into the cylinder to reduce friction and noise, while keeping the gas in the cylinder from returning. The HZ rotary blower has the advantages of low noise, small size, and low consumption. Its disadvantage is that it cannot provide a large flow rate. Generally, it is widely used in rural sewage treatment and mobile device matching.


● Small volume, large air volume, low noise, energy saving;

● Stable operation and easy installation;

● Anti-load change, stable air volume;

● With an air chamber, the diffusion is stable;

● Excellent material, ingenious structure, excellent performance;

● Simple maintenance, few failures and long service life;

Əsas Features

◆ Flow rate: 0.278-5.41m³/ min;

◆ Boost: 0.1-0.5kgf/cm²;

◆ Applicable speed: 390-580RPM;

Xüsusi tətbiqetmələr

Note: The rotary blower relies on the pressure difference generated during operation to achieve oil supply lubrication, so the rotary blower cannot be no-load running.